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About Us

The most important three words to pass over your lips?

Tiger and Taupe.

And it’s likely they’ll be followed by:

“You got this”

“Hot dang, girl!”

Not to mention,

“Do my lips look big in this?”

Okay, so that might be more than three words, but you can’t blame a girl for being over-zealous. After all, this is a lipstick like no other.

Make-up has always been one of my constant loves. In my circle of friends, I was always the girl who couldn’t wait to get her hands on the latest makeup palettes and the newest range of lipstick colours. On any given weekend, before a big night out, you’d find me in my element applying everyone’s makeup, trying new finishes, formulas and getting that pout just right.

It was in these moments that the magic always happened. The heart to heart conversations. Laugh-till-you cry antics. Between touch-up applications and lip-blotting we’d solve outfit dilemmas and other great problems of the world. We’d share our wildest dreams, greatest fears, in-the-vault gossip, and our latest crush confessions.

I’m Emily Turner: Lipstick enthusiast. Patron of the perfect pout. Tiger and Taupe founder.

Tiger and Taupe was an obvious adventure for me to embark upon. I was craving a career filled with fun, levity, and laughter – with a side serving of luxe. It’s no coincidence that are the very things that I strive to deliver to customers like you, too.

I’ve been a fervent consumer of lipsticks for many years, so I know first-hand that purchasing unique or premium products from overseas is far from ideal. Cost skyrocket with international exchange rates. Shipping is exorbitant and delivery times drag. I want Australian customers to have easy access top-shelf lip care products. I believe in creating high-quality beauty products that look amazing, feel incredible and are made with conscience. (In fact, many of our fans swear that T&T lipstick feels like you’re not wearing anything at all). Tiger and Taupe lipsticks are Australian owned and operated, vegan friendly, cruelty-free and made without parabens. They incorporate the latest innovations and trends in lip cosmetics and care products with a price-point that’s truly kissable.

My friends and family tell me that Tiger and Taupe is so ‘me’. And I too like to think that you’ll find a sprinkling of my personality throughout every single lipstick I deliver to your door. Tiger and Taupe is super chic, girly, fun, bright and bubbly. She’s your pump-up-the-volume, hit-the-dancefloor, positive-vibes-only friend and she’ll take you from the desk to dinner every day of the week.

Can you think of any better company you’d like to keep?



Tiger and Taupe founder, Emily Turner, injects colour and confidence to the everyday lives of Australian women.

Merging her love of make-up, e-commerce, entrepreneurship, and sharp business nous, Tiger and Taupe closes a gap within the Australian lipstick market: a need for local, premium-quality, ethically produced lipstick and lip-care products – without the excessive cost or extensive shipping times of international brands.

With all products ethically produced, cruelty free, paraben free and vegan friendly, Tiger and Taupe lipsticks have been embraced by Australian consumers, professional makeup artists and celebrity stylists including the likes of Aussie Leonardo.

When not building her lipstick brand, you’ll find Emily at the beach, the gym, and socialising with friends. Possibly with a Rosé in hand. Definitely sporting a killer lipstick. She lives on the South Coast of NSW, Australia.

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