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Why choose Vegan beauty products? Our top 5 reasons!

As you know, Tiger & Taupe cosmetics are 100% bunny friendly, both cruelty free and vegan friendly. Providing ethically manufactured cosmetics is of the highest importance to us and we want to share our top 5 reasons why you should consider choosing vegan friendly beauty products.

1. Do you have sensitive skin? Vegan products are very well suited for people with sensitive skin. Generally containing far less ingredients, vegan cosmetics and skincare are fantastic for sensitive skin, avoiding nasties that can irritate your skin.

2. Avoid skin damage! Many animal by products found in cosmetics are damaging for your skin, particularly lanolin. This ingredient comes from sheep’s wool.

3. Kiss dry skin goodbye! Vegan products often contain a high amount of water. Plant based ingredients are easy for your skin to absorb and help keep your skin super hydrated! Combine this with an adequate intake of water and you can kiss dry skin goodbye.

4. Improve the overall quality of your skin. Who doesn’t want a smooth, clear and glowing complexion? We all do right! Vegan products are filled with vitamins and provide your skin with the hydration it needs. By avoiding ingredients that can cause your skin some serious dramas, you also avoid drying your skin, discolouration and adverse reactions.

5. SAVING ANIMALS! Last but certainly not least, choosing Vegan cosmetics saves animals lives and helps to protect our planet.

We encourage all of our beauty babes out there to think about your next purchase and think about how vegan and cruelty free products can benefit your skin and your planet. Check out some of our fave vegan friendly & cruelty free Aussie brands below.

“Skincare for sensitive skin”

Check out Tribe’s range HERE

“Providing the purest, most gentle hair care products”

Check out Davroe’s range HERE

“We make nail polish that’s kind on you and kind on the planet”

Check out Kester Black’s range HERE